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Casa Toscana - Organic Sorrento Lemon Olive Oil
Casa Toscana - Organic Sorrento Lemon Olive Oil

Casa Toscana - Organic Sorrento Lemon Olive Oil

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This oil has been a huge hit at The Bare Home.  Perfect for salad dressings, over any vegetable, as a base for pasta sauce, a simple drizzle elevates any dish.  We have sourced our oils from our friend Luca, of Casa Toscana, in Grimsby, Ontario.  Luca has an amazing story having grown up in Tuscany, Italy and learned the art of wine making and oil pressing.  His family is still producing the oils, olives and other items he sells at his flagship store and luckily, through us!  We have come to love Luca and are excited to be included in his network of amazing food products.

Olive Oil Info:

The particular peppery taste of good fresh olive oil comes from the alkaloids contained in it, in the same way that an unripe apple tastes different from a mature one so the immature olives of central Italy produce an oil with a taste much more pronounced than those left to ripen and fall.

Though many other olive producing areas will be justly proud of their product it is universally accepted that a lower level of acidity is an indication of better oil. It is the acidity caused by the oxidization of oil, turning it into a fatty acid, that kills off the alkaloid and hence the flavour (the same way lemon juice or vinegar will tone down the heat of chili pepper). In fact olive oil, to be classed as a virgin has to have an acidity of below 2%, to be classed as extra virgin less than 1%.

The best Tuscan extra virgin oils have acidity of less than 0.01%, almost unheard of elsewhere. This makes them particularly good for use in Bruschetta, on green vegetables, and of course on the rich meat and bean dishes of the area.

The olive oil will come in a 200ml or 500ml glass bottles with a drizzle nozzle and a cap to seal.  Your purchase will include a $4 bottle deposit, once returned we will credit your account.