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100% effective can be 100% clean. It's really that simple.

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The Kitchen Refill Kit

The Kitchen Refill Kit


Sustainably refresh your kitchen with 3L dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, glass bottles, and sponges.

$142 $128

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Complete Laundry Bundle

Complete Laundry Bundle

SAVE $12

Let our plant-powered goodness do the dirty work. Tough on stains, colour-safe, and effective even in cold water.

$110 $98

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The Dragons' Den Kit

The Dragons' Den Kit

SAVE $10

Dragon's Den APPROVED! The perfect kit to see what all the buzz is about!

$98 $88

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All purpose cleaner in glass bottle lemon tea treeDish soap in glass bottle bergamot + limeSolid dish soapSoap tray bundleAll purpose cleaner 3 litre refill box lemon tea tree

Clean. Conscience.

Our 0% tolerance on toxins.

We keep 100% of toxins out of 100% of our products. And guess what? They work.

Dish Soap All Purpose Cleaner

Enjoy the convenience of

At-Home Refill Boxes

and save 40% on your cleaning products when you refill!

Plus, you'll do your part for the environment by reducing waste and packaging.⁠ Win-Win.

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"I picked this laundry soap up hoping to use something more gentle on my skin and help reduce my waste; I didn't expect to find the product I'd become loyal to for the rest of my life."

New York, NY


"The refill boxes are such a simple and obvious solution to lowering waste! They are crazy convenient, space saving and fun to use. The bottle provided is great quality and the scent makes me want to clean."

Ottawa, ON


"I’m super fussy; literally have four or five different all natural cleaners in my cupboard. This one out performed them all! And has a fragrance that I look forward to cleaning with!"

Lavalle, QC


"My new go to dish soap! What could be better than a dish soap that is eco friendly and has packaging that looks good enough to leave on my countertop? Plus it does a great job cleaning my dishes and smells good!"

Vancouver, BC


"I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about soap before. Sudsy, moisturizing, beautiful scent....I’m so happy with my purchase. AND I’ll be ordering the refill pack. Such a great idea!"

Toronto, ON


"When I became pregnant I really started to think about the products we used in our home and how they would affect my baby. We love them! They smell great! They are effective! And we love that they reduce waste!"

Los Angeles, CA

100% effective can be 100% clean.

It’s time to clean house. For real. 

And that means keeping traditional harsh chemicals found in popular cleaning products out of your home and away from people you care about.

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