Certified Plastic Neutral with rePurpose

Certified Plastic Neutral with rePurpose

The Bare Home is proud to announce that we are now Certified Plastic Neutral!

We've partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the recovery and ethical processing of as much nature-bound plastic waste as we use in our packaging. By contributing to the rePurpose Impact Project Anmol Kinara, we’re enabling access to improved waste management infrastructure in local communities in Udupi, Karnataka, India. Taking action on our plastic footprint means creating meaningful change, today. We recognize the urgent need for funding to be diverted to this ongoing emergency, and we are proud to have taken our first step toward long-term holistic impact.

Being plastic neutral with rePurpose goes beyond the conventional recycling efforts. It's a holistic approach that not only encourages responsible consumption but also actively contributes to offsetting plastic waste. Picture this: every product you buy has an associated plastic footprint, and rePurpose enables you to neutralize that impact. By supporting verified, impactful projects that combat plastic pollution, you're not just reducing your own plastic usage but also investing in a cleaner, greener future.

"Project Anmol Kinara (अनमोल किनारा), in this first-of-its-kind project, entails the recovery and processing of low-value, multi-layered plastic waste (MLP) to stem its flow into our natural ecosystem. The lack of recycling value means that MLP is either dumped into nature or openly burnt, leading to carbon emissions and contamination of our environment.

Anmol Kinara (अनमोल किनारा) is a collaboration between rePurpose Global and Mangala Resource Management (MRM), a young start-up founded by the volunteers of Ramakrishna Mission’s campaign, Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan. Under the ‘Zero Waste Village Program’ launched by our partner, we intercept MLP waste before it can become a pollutant. The plastic is collected from around 47 villages in Udupi and neighbouring districts and transported to the Material Recovery Facility where waste workers segregate, clean, and transport the plastic to cement kilns for co-processing." - rePurpose Team

In a world where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, being plastic neutral with rePurpose is a tangible, empowering step towards a planet we can be proud to pass on to future generations. It's not just about reducing; it's about rebalancing our ecological scales and embracing a lifestyle that leaves a positive mark on the world.