Do Refillable Cleaning Products Really Reduce Single-Use Plastic?

Do Refillable Cleaning Products Really Reduce Single-Use Plastic?

When Ashley first started the Bare Home, it was more than cleaning products. Think fair trade foods and zero-waste essentials. But she quickly realized that the community was most drawn to the refillable cleaning products, so she pivoted her business to focus on these eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic. 

A couple of years later, our refillable cleaning products are the cornerstone of the Bare Home so today we’re sharing: do refillable cleaning products really reduce single-use plastic?

What are Refillable Cleaning Products? 

Refillable cleaning products are products that can be refilled when empty, instead of tossed into the trash. This works well for two reasons: reducing single-use plastics and convenience. 

Refillable cleaning products reduce single-use plastics by saving all the individual plastic bottles you’d use if you weren’t refilling, and they offer convenience because instead of running to the store when you’re out of dish soap, you can walk to your cleaning cupboard and refill the bottle. 

How do the Bare Home At-Home Refill Stations Work? 

If you’re just getting started with refills, we recommend one of our At-Home Refill Kits because they come with a 3-litre refill box and the corresponding glass bottle you’ll refill. 

If you’ve already got your glass bottle, check out our 3-litre refill boxes

Once you’ve got your Bare Home products, it’s time to set up your at-home refill station. We recommend setting up your refill box in your linen or cleaning closet, in a kitchen or bathroom cupboard, or anywhere you store your cleaning supplies. When it’s in reach it’ll be easier to refill! 

To open your refill box, punch the perforated hole in the front, pull your tap out of the hole, remove the seal tab and you’re all set! Push down on the tap to refill your glass bottles as needed.

At-home refills are not only eco-friendly, they offer convenience you can feel good about!

Do Refillable Cleaning Products Really Reduce Single-Use Plastic? 

Yes! Each 3-litre refill box of cleaning solution replaces six 500mL plastic bottles! Which means every time you use a full 3-litre refill box you’re saving six plastic bottles from the landfill. 

Since our launch in 2018, our community has saved over 100,000 plastic bottles from the landfill, an incredible feat we’re so proud of! 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about how refillable cleaning products work, and how they can help your family reduce single-use plastic. If you have any questions, send us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you.