How to Create an At-Home Refill Station

How to Create an At-Home Refill Station

We’re always talking about refills, so today we’re sharing our best tips for creating an at-home refill station. Having a space to set up your refilling necessities will make it easier to use them, and we’re always here for some home decor inspiration! 

Why Do We Recommend Refills? 

Refillable cleaning products can be refilled when empty, rather than tossed into the trash. Our community loves them because refills help them reduce waste (especially single-use plastic) and it’s convenient. Rather than running to the store when you’re out, you can refill your cleaning supplies at home. 

To give you a sense of how eco-friendly refills are: since our launch in 2018, our community has saved over 100,000 plastic bottles from the landfill, an incredible feat we’re incredibly proud of! 

Where to Create an At-Home Refill Station

Choose a space to set up your at-home refill station wherever is most convenient. Our favourite spots are the kitchen cupboard (especially for dish soap), a linen closet or cleaning cupboard, the laundry room, or your bathroom shelf. 

One pro-tip is to store your refill boxes up high so you can fit the glass bottle underneath to refill it, rather than lifting the refill box onto a counter every time. 

What You’ll Need for an At-Home Refill Station

Once you’ve decided where to create your refill station, you’ll need your refill supplies. For starters, you’ll need our refill kits and any other cleaning essentials you’ll want to have on hand. You might want to include sponge cloths, extra bar soap, or stain remover and dryer balls

Next you might want to gather small baskets for organization, like these or these, or larger baskets like these

Finally you’ll want to choose any decor to spruce up your refill station. Leaving your boxes out on display makes them even easier to use, and decor will add personal touches to make the station your own. We’re all about a gorgeous potted plant, some books (especially in the kitchen - turn your cookbooks into decor!), or any design objects like this gold piece or these pastel pots

Once you have your items, it’s all about arranging them in a way that fits your space and is functional enough so you can easily refill your glass bottles. Take inspiration from photos below, or join us on Instagram where we’re always sharing how our community uses and styles their Bare Home products!


Thanks for taking the time to read our tips on creating an at-home refill station. If you have any questions, send us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you.