Our Glass Bottles Got a Design-Forward Makeover

Our Glass Bottles Got a Design-Forward Makeover

Surprise! Our glass bottle packaging got a design-forward makeover⁠. 

You love our products for their clean ingredients, effective formulas, and beautiful packaging that just so happens to help you reduce plastic waste.

It's been a long-time goal of ours to eliminate the plastic labels on our glass bottles. We want to give you a glass bottle that looks and feels premium and beautiful, remaining that way refill after refill. 

⁠Learn how what changes we made in this week’s blog post. 

Our Original Labels

When we first launched The Bare Home, our glass bottles featured a thin plastic label that included our brand name, product information, and UPC codes. We needed these labels to differentiate ourselves on the shelves, share vital product information with you, and so our retailers could scan and stock our products. 

How We Made Our Glass Bottle Packaging Even More Premium, With an Eco-Friendly Bonus

But we knew we had to replace the plastic label. While it did the trick, we wanted to eliminate a piece of plastic packaging in our process, all while making the bottle more premium and beautiful for you. 

After researching our options, connecting with other business owners, and lots of creative thinking, we decided to screen print our product information directly onto the glass bottles. The process uses a stencil to apply our label design to the glass by spreading ink across a mesh screen. It creates a unique look and feel while still featuring important product information. 

We were worried the information could be scraped off, but that’s not the case. Watch us take a key to the new glass bottles in our latest Instagram reel. The “label” stays crisp, clear, and visible. 

Without the plastic label our bottles will remain beautiful refill after refill. They’re easier to clean, they’ll look fresh on your countertops, and you can feel good about using a little less plastic.  

If you have any questions, send us an email at rachael@thebarehome.ca. We can’t wait to hear from you.