Why We Switched to Wooden Wicks
We kept all the aspects you loved and made a few minor changes. The candles are still non-toxic, pet friendly, scented using only organic essential oils and made from an ethically sourced coconut + soy wax blend. We swapped out the cotton-core wick for a wooden wick and we want to share the reason!
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Reimagine Zero Waste Day: Small Steps Toward a Greener Tomorrow
From disposable coffee pods to fast fashion, there are countless everyday items that contribute to landfill waste. By being more conscious of our consumption habits and making intentional choices, we can work toward a future where zero waste isn't just a day we celebrate but a way of life we embrace every day.
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What is "Carbon Neutral"?
Being carbon neutral, also known as carbon neutrality or having a net-zero carbon footprint, means that an individual, organization, event, or even a whole country has balanced the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) they emit with an equivalent amount of...
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