3 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Laundry Routine, with Natural Laundry Soap

3 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Laundry Routine, with Natural Laundry Soap

Around here, natural laundry soap is an eco-friendly home essential. 

Maybe you’re looking to avoid ingredients that are harsh on your skin and the environment, switch to a biodegradable formula, or try a detergent that’s safe for baby’s gentle skin {and cloth diapers!}.

Whatever your reason, today we’re walking you through three steps to an eco-friendly laundry routine, featuring natural laundry soap. 

Step 1: Laundry Stain Stick

The first step in any eco-friendly laundry routine is a laundry stain stick. It’s eco-friendly for two reasons: reducing the use of single-use plastic and avoiding harsh ingredients. 

Packaged in recyclable paper, a laundry stain stick means you can skip the single-use plastic bottles and containers a conventional stain remover may come in. And while you’re skipping the plastic, you’re also skipping harsh ingredients that can be harmful to your skin, your home, and the environment. 

A laundry stain stick is easy to use. For spot treating stains, lather with water and work the soap into the stained area before laundering as usual. For a complete hand wash, lather with water and soap on the entire item. 

Step 2: Natural Laundry Soap

Once your stains have been treated, reach for natural laundry soap, like our Lavender + Sage Laundry Detergent

One of the myths about eco-friendly products is that they don’t work as well, or smell as nice, as the conventional options. We’ve taken this to heart while formulating all of our products to create eco-friendly cleaners that are natural, effective, and enjoyable to use. 

The plant-powered goodness of our natural laundry soap does the dirty work for you: it’s tough on stains, yet colour-safe, and effective even in cold water (which reduces energy costs!). 

Our natural laundry soap is concentrated, with a biodegradable formula that’s hypoallergenic and cloth diaper friendly, so you can feel good about what you’re washing your family’s clothing in. 

And it’s naturally scented with organic essential oils: we’ve paired the fresh floral and mildly sweet scent of lavender with herbaceous notes of sage. 

Step 3: X-Large Wool Dryer Balls

An eco-friendly alternative to disposable dryer sheets are X-Large Dryer Balls. Handmade in small batches using only natural wool from Canada’s oldest wool mill, dryer balls have tons of benefits. 

They can lower drying time by 25-40%, thus reducing energy consumption and cost. They can help reduce static, and they’re one more way you can make an eco-friendly, natural swap in your home (aka avoid the harsh ingredients in conventional dryer sheets). 

Laundry Tip: Add your favourite essential oils to the wool prior to use for an added boost of scent.

Thanks for reading up on natural laundry soap. If you have any questions, send us an email at rachael@thebarehome.ca. We can’t wait to hear from you.