The Ingredients We Use in The Bare Home Hand Soap

The Ingredients We Use in The Bare Home Hand Soap

When Ashley created The Bare Home her two priorities were to create products that were effective and clean. From the beginning that’s meant formulating products with plant-based ingredients that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. 

This was especially important when we formulated our Hand Soap. We wanted a hand soap that thoroughly cleansed your hands but was gentle on your skin. All with natural ingredients so you feel good about washing off a kitchen spill, the mud your dog got into, and picking up your children. 

Let’s get into the ingredients we use in The Bare Home Hand Soap

Sodium C14-C16 Olefin Sulfonate

The first ingredient is a coconut-based surfactant known for creating a rich, foamy lather. 

After using conventional hand soaps it’s natural to expect a foamy lather. That lather traditionally comes from petroleum-based sulfates that can cause skin irritation. 

Instead, we use three plant-based surfactants, the primary one being sodium C14-C16 olefin sulfonate. While it’s got a long name, it’s plant-based, gentle, and widely considered as safe for you and the environment (1). 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine 

Another coconut-based surfactant, we use high-quality cocamidopropyl betaine not only to create lather, but also to hydrate your skin and to help thicken the product, giving it a creamier texture. 

Sodium Cocoamphoacetate

Our final surfactant, sodium cocoamphoacetate, is a gentle coconut-based surfactant. We chose it because it both cleanses and conditions your skin. 

Sodium Chloride

The chemical name for salt, it’s also a natural bleaching and anti-scaling agent that’s common in home care products. 


Phenoxyethanol is a widely used preservative in personal care products.

While preservatives have gotten a bad rap, they’re important for maintaining the safety and efficacy of products. Without preservatives, especially in liquid, water-based products, bacteria can grow, and nobody wants to rub that all over their skin. 

We chose phenoxyethanol because it’s considered gentle on your skin (2).


Glycerine is a humectant, which means it allows your skin to retain moisture. This was a must-have ingredient in our Hand Soap because conventional hand soap is drying, leaving your skin feeling tight or even itchy. We didn’t want you to have that experience. 

Instead, with a combination of gentle, plant-powered surfactants and glycerine your skin is left feeling soft, soothed, and comfortable. 

Citric Acid

Commonly found in fizzy products like bath bombs, citric acid is an extract from citrus fruits that we use to lower the pH of our Hand Soap, creating a gentler formula. 

Blood Orange, Bergamot, + Sandalwood Essential Oil Blend

Home care is the new self-care, especially when it comes to personal care products like soap and cleansers. You’ll love that we only use 100% organic essential oils to ensure the highest quality scent without using headache-causing perfume. 

This blend is the definition of bright and cleansing. Blood orange and bergamot bring a fresh, citrus scent that’s grounded by the warm and earthy notes of sandalwood and vetiver. It’s the perfect blend for your kitchen countertops, bathrooms, anywhere you want to feel fresh and clean. 

The Bare Home products are made with clean, plant-based ingredients you can feel good about enjoying. Our formulas are biodegradable, phosphate free, and dye free. They’re never tested on animals and only scented with high quality, organic essential oils. Learn more about our story here

Thanks for reading up on the ingredients in our hand soap. If you have any questions, send us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you. 


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