Shedding Light On Non-Toxic Candles

Shedding Light On Non-Toxic Candles

When cozy season arrives, candle lovers flock to the festive-scented isles of your favourite home goods store. But what do those cherished candles contain?

Traditional candles are primarily made from paraffin wax, a byproduct of petroleum refinement. This petroleum-based wax releases harmful toxins when burned, including benzene and toluene, which can pollute indoor air and can be unsafe for you, your family, and your pets.

Soy and coconut wax blend candles, on the other hand, are derived from natural, renewable and ethically sourced resources, making them an eco-friendly, safe choice. In Canada, especially in regions like Ontario, where the appreciation for clean living is high, soy candles have gained popularity for their minimal environmental impact.

Non-toxic candles go a step further by incorporating non-toxic wicks. Cotton core wicks are a prime example. They do not contain harmful heavy metals like lead, which can release dangerous fumes when burned. Cotton-core wicks are known for their clean burn and minimal soot production, ensuring your air quality remains pristine. When choosing non-toxic candles, these wicks are the way to go for a truly festive and safe atmosphere.

To further enhance the appeal of soy and coconut wax blend candles, we use organic essential oils to scent our candles. Unlike fragrance oils, which often contain synthetic compounds, organic essential oils are derived from natural sources like plants and flowers. They not only provide a captivating aroma but also offer potential therapeutic benefits, such as relaxation and stress relief.