The Power of Organic Essential Oils

The Power of Organic Essential Oils

When it comes to cleaning our homes, many of us strive for a sparkling, fresh environment. However, in our quest for cleanliness, we should also consider the quality of the products we use. Let's explore the benefits of choosing cleaning products scented with 100% organic essential oils over those loaded with traditional fragrance oils.  

Fragrance oils, commonly used in traditional cleaning products, may contain a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and allergens which we want to avoid where possible. In contrast, organic essential oils are derived from real plant parts such as leaves, flowers, stems, and roots. The extraction process involves distillation or cold pressing, resulting in highly concentrated liquids containing the plant's aromatic compounds, making them a safer choice for you, your family, and your pets. Our cleaning products are popular because we use natural, yet effective ingredients, never bleach or harmful ingredients. 

In today's world, where health-conscious choices are gaining momentum, people are increasingly turning to organic essential oils as a natural alternative to fragrance. 

How Do We Use Essential Oils? 

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy, the practice of using essential oils for their aromatic properties, can have a profound impact on mood and emotions. Scents like lavender, and citrus can have an uplifting and calming effect. By incorporating essential oils in our products, not only do they smell amazing, the scents contribute to aromatherapy. 
  • Antimicrobial Properties: Many essential oils possess potent antimicrobial properties, making them valuable for disinfection and cleaning. Oils like lemon tea tree can help eliminate harmful pathogens. 
  • Skin Care: Essential oils are used in skincare and body products for their ability to soothe, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin. Our shampoo and conditioner bars are loaded with organic essential oils of Blood Orange to strengthen the hair + Juniper Berry to minimize dryness of the scalp and prevent dandruff growth.
  • The Alternative: As mentioned above, fragrance oils, are synthetic or naturally-derived compounds that are added to various products to provide a specific scent or aroma. They are commonly used in perfumes, colognes, candles, soaps, lotions, and other scented products. We only scent our products with 100% organic essential oils.